Puppy Preschool is the first series of Nick Jr. Puppies shorts. It aired for several weeks in March 2015.

Character debuts


  1. "Meet CJ"
  2. "Meet Jessie"
  3. "Meet Reggie"
  4. "Meet Noodles"
  5. "Best Friends"
  6. "Snack Time"
  7. "Story Time with the Pups"
  8. "Gym Class"
  9. "Nap Time"
  10. "Class Pictures"
  11. "Dress Up"
  12. "Art Class with Pepper"
  13. "Story Time with Reggie"
Series of Nick Jr. Puppies Shorts
Puppy PreschoolPuppy TownDoggie Days of SummerPups on the Go

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